Alexander Münchau & Christine Klein
Sascha Heinitz, Philip Seibler, Christine Klein, Karin Wiegers
Sascha Heinitz, Philip Seibler, Christine Klein, Karin Wiegers

Institute of Neurogenetics

The Institute of Neurogenetics (Head: Prof. Christine Klein) focuses its clinical and research activities on hereditary forms of movement disorders, mainly Parkinson disease and dystonia. Discovering the genetic factors causing or contributing to movement disorders is the Institute’s main aim of research.

With an interdisciplinary team of movement disorder specialists, clinician and basic scientists, study nurses and research technologists, PhD and medical students closely collaborating, the research is translational and interdisciplinary in nature and directed from the patient to the bench and back. The Institute is composed of the following sections lead by academically independent faculty members:

Translational Neurogenetics
Translational NeurogeneticsChristine Klein, MD
Systems Neuroscience
Systems NeuroscienceAlexander Münchau, MD
Clinical Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging
Lübeck Interdisciplinary Platform for Genome AnalyticsLars Bertram, MD
Genetics of Rare Diseases
Genetics of Rare DiseasesKatja Lohmann, PhD
Neuropsychiatric Epidemiology
Neuropsychiatric EpidemiologyMeike Kasten, MD
Clinical Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging
Clinical Neurogenetics and NeuroimagingNorbert Brüggemann, MD
Applied Stem Cell Biology
Applied Stem Cell BiologyPhilip Seibler, PhD
Mitochondrial Function in Movement Disorders
Mitochondrial Function in Movement DisordersAnne Grünewald, PhD

Career development and teaching are an important and integral part of the Institute’s work. Neurology residents participate in structured movement disorders and neurogenetics fellowships; Bachelor, Master, and PhD students in the field of Molecular Life Sciences are trained at the Institute.

We are engaged in a large network of national and international collaborations and actively participates in data and sample exchange. With visiting scientists and students from many different countries and members of the Institute gaining experience abroad, the Institute of Neurogenetics is well connected on the world map.

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